Msp430 code examples

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10 Beginner MSP430 Tutorials and Counting.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am working on a little dsp project doing audio processing e.

First of all would you recommend buying a copy of matlab or octave as my main coding tool. I think Matlab may be useful for getting algorithms down "on paper" without having to worry about hardware. For your second question, check out answers to this SO question which asks the same thing. Your board should have come with code examples. O zip KB. Did you try any of these examples?

In general, using a high-level language for algorithmic development is a great idea. Otherwise, Octave is a very good alternative. It is also easy to call C libraries from Python, providing an easy way to port pieces of your high-level stuff into C iteratively. I haven't worked with a TI chip in a while, but they used to provide some of the building blocks like sincosFFTand biquad in various application notes or even as a linkable library.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean you can't process audio with it, but it may not be straightforward. I'd probably try and set up a timer interrupt at the required audio sampling frequency which reads a sample from the ADC, does something to it, and outputs it to the audio DAC.

Learn more. Asked 9 years, 3 months ago. Active 4 years, 1 month ago. Viewed 6k times. Andrew Andrew 1 1 gold badge 2 2 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges.What is Serial communication? SPI and I2C are also serial communication protocols. UART communication is not a communication protocol but a physical dedicated circuit in the form of integrated circuit or embedded inside a microcontroller.

Connection diagram between two UART devices is shown below. You must be wondering that how you are going to write complex coding for this uart frame? Well, we do not need to worry about UART data format how data will be received and sent.

Energia IDE has a built in serial library. Serial library will take care of all these things. Pin number 4 is transmitter pin and pin number 3 is receiver pin of UART module. So we can use these pins to communicate with other devices like Bluetooth module, serial ports of other microcontrollers.

As you already know we initialize everything inside the step function in Energia IDE. The baud rate that will be used for serial communication Can be, etc. After setting baud rate. First of all we need to check either data is available to receive or not on serial pin which is RX pin on MSG2 board. If data is available, it gives output logic high and otherwise it gives output logic 0. After checking with Serial.

As you know we do everything inside the loop function which we want to perform again and again. Inside the loop function, if condition checks the output of Serial. This function can send data in character, strings and numbers form. The use of this function is same as the Serial. I will provide two examples in later part of this article on how to transmit and receive data through UART module of MSP microcontroller. Now I will show you the example of how to send data through uart serial communication of MSP microcontroller.

In this example, we are sending data from MSPG2 lanuchpad to laptop through serial communication. Check this video lecture on how to do it with step by step guide. After that I will provide two examples. For demonstration purpose, we have used an lighting emitting diode which will turn on and off depending on data receive value on Tx pin of MPS microcontroller.

GPS module. You can use MSP with these module in your embedded systems projects. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.What is an " interrupt "? It is a signal that informs our MCU that a certain event has happened, causing the interruption of the normal flow of the main program and the execution of an "interrupt routine", that handles the event and takes a specified action. Interrupts are essential to avoid wasting the processor's valuable time in polling loops, waiting for external events in fact they are used in Real-Time Operating Systems, RTOS.

In the MSP architecture, there are several types of interrupts: timer interrupts, port interrupts, ADC interrupts and so on. Each one of them needs to be enabled and configured to work, and there is a separate "service routine" for every interrupt.

In this tutorial we'll see how to use timer and port interrupts to flash some leds, we'll keep the ADC interrupt for the next tutorial. So, let's write some code! You should recognize those lines,we used them in the last tutorial to add the definition file for our MCU, declare the main function and stop the watchdog timer.

Here's some interesting stuff.

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These lines configure the timer interrupt. Finally, we set the CCR0 register. We configured the TimerA module to count up to the number stored in this register before overflowing and triggering the interrupt.

By setting it atwe get an overflow-frequency of 12,5 Hz. You may obtain several frequencies by changing this number remember that the MSP has a bit timer, so the value stored in the CCR0 register must not be higher thanchanging the dividers or adding an if-else block with a counter in the interrupt routine. Let's go ahead. These lines should be familiar too, but there are some additions: firstly, we clear the PORT1 output and direction registers.

Then we set the P1. The last two lines enable the pull-up resistor on the switch BIT3 so that the normal state button not pressed will be "1". With these lines of code, we first tell the MCU to listen to the P1. Finally we clear the interrupt flag for that pin. The interrput flag register P1IFG reports when an interrupt is raised, and it should be cleared at the end of the interrupt service routine. With this line, as you can remember, we shut down the CPU to spare some power while keeping the interrupts enabled.

Then we enter a loop to be sure the MCU does nothing else, as we do our job with interrupts. This is the TimerA interrupt service routine. Every time the TimerA overflows, the code inserted in this routine note the special declaration is executed. As you can see we only toggle the P1. This is the Port1 interrupt service routine. Every time the we push the P1. We toggle the P1.He starts right from the basics of his hardware setup to software, your first program, timers and then moves to other modules of the MSP.

Each blog post comes bundled with source code and the occasional schematic. To make things easier for 43oh readers, below is a list of his tutorial series. Thanks [B]eretta, keep them coming!

Thanks for linking all these here. His posts are very basic and easy to understand. Love the blog, keep posting projects! Nice find. I just got my Launchpad and these will be a good starting point for my getting acquainted with the board.

The adobe reader is what you need to download e — Book in PDF format. So, without spending any money assuming you already had a computeryou have your equipment. Here is my blog — Randal. Thanx a lot. The tutorials are extremely useful for beginners. In case it is possible. This article is very useful. I tried to do everything practically. But i could not light the green LED.

Could anyone post a complete code for lighting green LED on the Kit.

Open Source Projects - MSP430

Thank you!! I am in fact grateful to the owner of this website who has shared this fantastic piece of writing at here. Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for updates on deals, coupons and news! Home Contact Us Privacy Policy. Scott on August 14, at pm. Dave on August 14, at pm. Srikanth on November 30, at am. Very helpful page for beginners… Thank you very much. SAI on May 3, at am. Thanks alot.This tutorial is written for very beginners and no hardware is required except the MSP board and a computer.

The main purpose of this board it to upload code from the computer to the MCU and read serial data from the MCU for debugging purpose. Hence in this series of tutorials, we will be using the MSPG to explore all the functionalities of this Development kit. You can power board through the mini USB jack and once you do it, you should notice the LEDs red and green at the bottom left corner of your board glowing alternatively.

You can then press the push button connected to P1. Okay now, let us move on to the Software Environment. Texas Instruments allows us to program their Microcontrollers through a variety of Environments. This software is available free of cost. Also, it requires some minimal level of experience with Microcontrollers. There is one more IDE available to write our program i. Energia IDE. Energia is an Open source and free Environment that enables us to program the TI Microcontrollers easily.

Code Composer Studio CCS is a more versatile professional IDE which has more functionalities and capabilities in terms of accessing the inside architecture of microcontroller. It has inbuilt debugging function which can check errors in your code and you can run your code line by line that helps in finding error without any headache.

It will take sometime to get comfortable with CCS. Once you set with this awesome software, trust me you will get to know anything about a particular microcontroller. You have to take help of Datasheet of the microcontroller to write your program.

So, you can download it from the given link Download link. We will use Code Composer Studio V7 but you can download latest version also, procedure remains same. This software is quite heavy around 1GB so, you need to wait until it finished downloading.

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When you click on setup, just like any other software you will be asked to agree terms and conditions and to select the installation folder. After that you have to choose boards for which you want to download files. You can download more than one board files. Next window is to select debug probe.

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By default one option is available so, click on it and finish. Now, your installation will start so just wait until it finished. After installation, it asks about workspace folder so choose the folder where you want to save your files and click Ok. This is a simple interface where you can see Getting started menu in which you can start to make your project ,next to getting started there is a Resource Explorer.

TI Msp430 Design Workshop Timers

This is a awesome feature of this software in which you can find every detail of a TI product like datasheets, documentations, etc. There is no need to find datasheets on internet, just click on resource explorer and click on the device which you want to explore after that you can see every detail about the product.

As shown below. Step Next, you have to choose MSP board that you are using. As soon as you click on finish, a new window will open with some lines code already written into it. First line is our header file which depends on the variant that we choose while creating the project.

Next line is the main function.As promised in the last post, this post will discuss the basics of the ADC10 peripheral in the G which comes with the LaunchPad. Four commands are implemented for this post; there will be two more in the next post which will add streaming functionality to the code.

The Functionality The first command tests the overall data throughput we can achieve with the microcomputer. I think this is very important since it allows us to see how well our device is performing, and allows us to determine how fast the ADC should sample in real time.

The second command uses a built in voltage divider to measure VCC in relation to an internal reference. The third command measures the internal temperature sensor in relation to a different internal reference. The final command measures the voltage on an external pin, in this case A3 in relation to VCC. Note that this code does not continually sample the ADC channels but will only sample once per command.

The next post will discuss continuous sampling of a single channel, which will allow us to build a simple slow oscilloscope using only the LaunchPad. Computer Application To accompany the code on the MSP I have written a simple computer application using C which will allow us to easily interface with the device so we do not have to play around with terminal programs. If any of your projects require a computer interface I highly recommend writing a custom application, I really hate fiddling around with terminal programs.

Note: It seems that there are some problems with the installer.

msp430 code examples

I have not figured out what causes the application to work on some computers and not on others. Hopefully it is just my laptop that is having trouble. I recommend having the. NET 4. The software allows you to connect to any COM port at any baud rate. The baud rate for this post will beconsidering that is the maximum of the LaunchPad, but can be changed if you want to use something like an FTDI chip. Make sure that your LaunchPad is plugged in and the VCP is ready before you run the software, the program does not constantly check which ports are available.

The GUI is pretty self explanatory; if you have any questions, bug reports, or suggestions feel free to post. There is also some additional functionality built into the program which is currently disabled; I will provide a second version of the code for the next post when we start streaming data. The Code. If anyone knows how to force the embedded code to show a vertical scroll bar please let me know.

Going Through the Code Most of this code builds off of previous posts so I will not be going over it in great detail. To read more about the UART please see the previous post. The code is broken down into multiple functions to increase readability.

Receive ; is called when the main loop receives a new value from the software UART. After initializing all the registers the device goes into its main loop. The main loop will determine which command was sent and then calls the necessary functions; the loop will also send any converted ADC values out using the software UART.

msp430 code examples

As is true with most of the code I post, the chip goes into LPM0 when there is nothing to do. Before the CPU goes into low power mode it makes sure there are no flags waiting; this keeps the CPU from missing any events. If this was not done it is possible that a second event would be missed, since the CPU was enabled while it was currently in a loop.

msp430 code examples

The Receive function will initiate different tasks depending on which command was sent to the computer. The first command which is handled is used to test the speed at which the UART can send data.

It will send values, from 0x to 0x00FF, as fast as it can; this data will be received by the computer application and is tested for errors; if there are no errors the speed of the transmission is displayed. It is important to note that bytes are sent total because each value is a 16 bit word. This was chosen for two reasons.

The next three commands measure an external analog channel A3the temperature, and VCC.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to sign up. I was googling for some MSP code examples e. Do you happen to know, where to find some examples?

They do have some on TI webpage, but very general, and not many of them. MSP is a huge family with a few different non-code-compatible serial communication modules. You'll need to figure out which sub-family you're using and check the code examples page at TI for that device. The MSPWare package also has a lot of examples. Beyond that it's usually a good bet to start with the evaluation module pages for the chip you're looking at and look for example code there.

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There are tons of examples if you a search msp code examples spi I got tons of valid results like this one tutorial. Of course you have to tailor the pin settings to the parts you have but the ideas are the same. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question.

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